• 30th May
  • 30

Brazilian Blow Out Update

Sorry this has taken me SO long! Many of you have asked for an update on my blowout and here it is! 

The video is a short bit of my stylist, Izzy, blowing out my hair after a cut. He didn’t use any straightening product in my hair so what you see is how my hair naturally dries when I use a brush and a dryer. 

The past couple weeks it has been drastically tested in the Florida humidity and I am SO GLAD to report that there is ZERO frizz! I seriously recommend this process for anyone with troublesome hair! 

Let me know if you have any questions about the process! 

  • 12th May
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Want to Know More about the Brazilian Blow Out?

Ever since I posted about my Brazilian Blowout experience I have been getting question after question on how it’s holding up. I promise I haven’t been ignoring you…I just want to post something that actually has some value to it!

Today I head home for the weekend for my younger brother’s college graduation which means (if you read my brazilian blow out blog you already know) I’m getting a hair cut by my wonderful stylist Izzy! He literally is the only person I trust to cut my hair so anytime I get home I make sure to stop in and see him.

Here is where I need your help or rather, here is where I come in to serve YOU! I hope to get a video of him doing my hair to post and I also want to have him answer any question you may have about the process. If you have any concerns or questions about the brazilian blowout post them in the comments section of this blog or tweet them to me. I will get Izzy to respond to the questions y’all have and will try my hardest to get the blog up next week!

  • 13th April
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The 3 Hour Tour: Brazilian Blowout

I have a confession. I am obsessed with my hair. To a ridiculous level. I don’t let ANYONE touch my hair other than my prized stylist in Arizona (Izzy, I love you). Many of you may be thinking, “What’s so ridiculous about that? I go to the same stylist and have for years.” Well, it gets ridiculous when you realize that I live in Florida…exactly 2,152 miles away from said hair stylist. 

I search for any and every reason to head back home in order to trim up the tresses and this is all because I received one HORRID hair cut back in college from a new butcher stylist I tried. Let’s just say when the annual 80s party that the lacrosse team threw came around, me and my bouffant bangs fit in perfectly.   

Other than cutting my hair I don’t do anything else to it…no color, no relaxers, no chemical treatments, no extensions…all because I am deathly afraid of ruining my locks. This mindset started to change when I read about the Brazilian Blowout. Living in Florida the humidity does a frizzy number on my hair. I can’t step outside for more than a minute without looking like my finger was just put in an electrical socket. The press on the Brazilian Blowout can’t be ignored and I was sold on the product. I searched online to find the best salon in the area that offered the blowout and made an appointment. Congrats Sella Luca in Winter Park and stylist Katie…you are the lucky google search winners!

After sitting in the chair and apologizing to Katie for the immense amount of hair she was about to be digging into, we started the process with a wash to clarify my hair. Random side-note: why does every salon sink have to feel like a modern day torture device? Holy neck pains, batman! After she washed my hair she sectioned it and painted on the serum that would eventually seal my locks. Once that was completed she blow-dried my hair and this is what it looked like:

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