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Dress for Success: Summer Holidays

Memorial Day is just around the corner and I hope your weather forecast is looking brighter than mine in Florida. It should be against the laws of Mother Nature to have a stormy Memorial Day weekend…or any weekend for that matter :) 

I hope y’all have BBQs, parties and events planned to fill your weekend and if not, get some because if you obsess over fashion like I do, you love an excuse for a cute outfit!

So one of the big hurdles I face when dressing for summer holidays is the weather. Often times you have to dress for a full day of events, like a pool party or beach day that leads into a BBQ or evening get together. If you are out in the heat all day or have to incorporate a bathing suit into your wardrobe, chances are you will be sweaty or damp and will need your outfit to withstand the elements.

Here are some of my tips to keep your look flawless and perfect for that summer holiday:

1.       Pay attention to color: If only we could botox ALL our sweat glands and stay dry during the hot summer months, right?! One thing you need to pay attention to is the clothing you wear and whether or not you will be able to see sweat. Avoid shades in the middle of the color spectrum like purple, red, blue, green, etc. AND grey. It’s best to stick with your whites, brights and neutrals. Anything else won’t be forgiving when that sweat starts to bead up on your back.

2.       Fabric can save your life: Silks and silk blends are very light weight and can dry quickly which makes them perfect for summer and outdoor wear. Whether you’re sweating or just put on an outfit over a damp suit, the silk fabric will dry up in no time. While thicker fabrics may conceal sweat better, they can often lead to you sweating more, and we don’t want that.

3.       Convertible clothing: If you have a multitude of events in one day and don’t have time to run home to change in between, finding something that can work for all environments is important. Nowadays bathing suit cover-ups come in a wide variety. From an oversized sheer scarf to a lightweight dress or linen pants, anything goes! Here is a great progression of outfits for a day:

White linen pants over a bathing suit for a pool/beach party with gladiator sandals. I like the linen pants that can be rolled and buttoned mid shin so you can pull them up when in the sand


Pair a silk top with the linen pants unrolled for an afternoon BBQ with the same gladiator sandals


Change into a silk maxi dress with same gladiator sandals for an evening get together. My Gypsy 05 dress that I constantly talk about is perfect for this. The material doesn’t wrinkle so you can throw it in a bag and go. It’s also uber lightweight. Here is a different style of a Gypsy dress I like:


The best thing about all these looks is that a suit looks great under everything so no need to change or bring along a pair of underwear or a bra…which can be a little tricky trying to hide in your beach bag when friends may be digging through to find sunscreen.

4.       Heed lightweight bottoms: I already mentioned white linen pants as a great summer piece to invest in. One problem…linen is lightweight and usually see-through. A lot of our summer pieces are going to be either white or very lightweight which don’t mesh well with dark underwear. ALWAYS do a mirror check to make sure you can’t see your underwear through your clothing. And just because you can’t see through it indoors doesn’t mean you can’t see through it outdoors. My Gypsy 05 dress is green yet you can see through it because it’s lightweight. Invest in a pair of nude (not white) full bottomed and thong undies. I like the boyshort lacey bottoms from Victoria’s Secret for flowy dresses or a skirt (just in case you’re going up stairs and don’t want to show the world your Britney) and a thong for linen pants and tight dresses.  The lacie line at VS is great because it’s a flat lace so you won’t be able to see the lines through your clothing.

5.       Beware of Tan Lines: Everyone loves a great tan…everyone hates an awkward tan line. If you’re going to be outside make sure you can live with the tan line from the top and bottoms you are wearing. If you can’t, sunscreen it up! Some of my tops are one-shouldered, off the shoulder or have a funky back to them. When I wear any top that doesn’t have a normal tan line I use lots of sunscreen to make sure I’m not going to look like a weirdo the next time I put on a swimsuit.

Those are some of my key summer holiday wardrobe tips. One way to “clean up” before changing outfits is to carry face wipes or baby wipes. A quick swipe over your body can leave you feeling refreshed and more comfortable when changing into a different outfit.

Let me know in the comments section or on Twitter if you have any key summer wardrobe tips I missed! I’m always looking for ways to keep my summer look fresh and convenient!

Most of all…don’t forget the reason for this holiday. Be sure to say thank you to the men and women that fight for our country and take some time out of your day to say a prayer or thought to those who have lost their lives so we can live ours. I am proud to have a family of service members and I know the least they deserve is a thank you.

Next week I will talk my favorite beauty products for summer so be sure to come back! :)

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Want to Know More about the Brazilian Blow Out?

Ever since I posted about my Brazilian Blowout experience I have been getting question after question on how it’s holding up. I promise I haven’t been ignoring you…I just want to post something that actually has some value to it!

Today I head home for the weekend for my younger brother’s college graduation which means (if you read my brazilian blow out blog you already know) I’m getting a hair cut by my wonderful stylist Izzy! He literally is the only person I trust to cut my hair so anytime I get home I make sure to stop in and see him.

Here is where I need your help or rather, here is where I come in to serve YOU! I hope to get a video of him doing my hair to post and I also want to have him answer any question you may have about the process. If you have any concerns or questions about the brazilian blowout post them in the comments section of this blog or tweet them to me. I will get Izzy to respond to the questions y’all have and will try my hardest to get the blog up next week!

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Dress For Success: Concert Edition

Question on Twitter from @kellielgee

hey @marissajustmay! Any dressing tips for concerts? Heading your way this wkd for my bday and bon jovi! J

First off, happy birthday! There is nothing I love more than shopping for a birthday outfit and lucky for you, you get to tailor it to an awesome concert! Summer is just around the corner which means summer concert tours are about to start! As with dressing for any event, your circumstances will dictate what is appropriate, ie: what type of concert, who you are going with and where it is at (inside or outside). While you may have a certain look, it’s fun to dress to the genre of concert you are going to in order to blend in. I listen to EVERY type of music but definitely can’t wear my everyday outfits and expect to blend in at all of them. Here are some of my basics that I stick to when dressing for a concert:

  • Dress in theme: I try to tailor my outfit to the type of concert I am going to. If I head out to a country concert, you can find me in a sundress and boots ala Taylor Swift, or jeans and boots with a cute top. If one of my guy friends treats me to a hard rock concert I will no doubt play up the tough chick look and go for some skinny jeans, a hot top (black/grey/dark colors), pumps* and layer on the jewelry. Boy band/pop concert yields a multitude of outfits: jeans and heels*, cute tailored shorts and heels/fun flats or a cute dress. Just remember, you are at a concert, not a club. Mute your outfits in comparison to what you would wear if you were going out in Miami or Vegas.

*When wearing heels to a concert keep them on the shorter side. You will be standing and/or going up and down stairs. Keep ‘em shorter than 3 inches and make sure they’re comfy. Gel inserts where the balls of your feet rest will do wonders!

  • Location matters: If you’re going to a concert the setting will play a part in your outfit choice. If I was going to said country concert outdoors, I would never wear jeans unless it was in the dead of winter. A sundress, cut off jean shorts (that FULLY cover the butt) or a jean skirt would be great. If I am going to an outdoor rock concert, again, I would avoid the jeans and instead go with shorts, cute flats or maybe a flowy hippie-ish dress (see my sundress post and Gypsy 05 dress for inspiration), with stacking jewelry being the key component to this look. If you are at an outdoor concert, heels are usually never a good choice. You aren’t being paid to aerate the lawn and you don’t want to sink as you rock out. Look for a wedge or espadrille style shoe if you want some height. Indoor concerts remove weather as a factor in picking out your outfit just keep in mind the comment on heels I mention above.
  • Occasion for the concert: Most likely you aren’t going to this concert by yourself. Chances are you’re going with a group of friends or with a date. I love going to concerts with a group of friends because it gives us the chance to dress alike and in theme. For instance…how hilarious is it to see a bunch of late 20-something’s walk into a Bieber concert wearing “Bieber’s Cougars” homemade t-shirts (this is all hypothetical…I am not speaking from experience, I swear)?! Take advantage of a group concert and look for something fun to dress in! If you’re going to a concert for a date this gives you the chance to spice up your outfit just a tad. Instead of wearing flats, throw on those shorter heels or wedges. Retire the plain tank and replace it with a shimmery top. And don’t forget the jewelry! I was never a big accessories girl until I went on the show and had to learn how to upgrade a plain outfit and a couple pieces of jewelry do just that! Forever 21 has some inexpensive jewelry that you can stack and take your outfit to the next level!

So, @kellielgee, to answer your question…I would go with skinny jeans, some low profile peep toe heels or gladiator sandals and an oversized top or fun tank. And for the thousandth time…don’t forget the jewelry! :)

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Fashion Friday: Summer Dresses

The rays of the sun, a hot summer breeze, salty beach air- all call for that perfect summer dress. 

This year I have seen dresses make huge fashion statements. I love dresses in the summer for multiple reasons: 1) I stay cool, 2) I can avoid awkward tan lines 3) they are super easy to throw on and still look cute and 4) when I pig out or drink, a flowy dress can hide my engorged belly :) 

Below are some of my fave dresses for this summer season:

1- Gypsy 05


This is my absolute favorite dress this summer and I don’t care how many photos it shows up in. Boutique To You gave me this dress to wear on The Bachelor and sadly it never got its chance to shine. This Gypsy 05 number is made of an incredible light weight material and feels so good on. What I love best is that the dress is tailored to hit just at the top of your feet so you don’t step on it but then is a little longer in the back to give some drag. BTY offers an array of Gypsy 05 dresses…from short to long, sleeved to spaghetti strap to tube top. If you haven’t invested in a dress from Gypsy 05 yet, I highly suggest you do. So worth it and it will last you forever!

2- Target


I love a good bargain. If you haven’t stopped into a Target recently you are drastically missing out. Above is one of my favorite styles they have in right now. The top has a sweetheart neckline and it also has a bodice which gives some structure and lift to your chesticles. It comes in multiple patterns and can be easily dressed up or dressed down.


This maxi dress is my second fave you can find at Target. It also comes in both solids and patterns and hugs the body to give the “I just threw this on yet am classy with a sprinkle of sexy” look :) 

3- J.Crew Factory




One MAJOR bonus to living in the center of tourist-town is the great outlet shopping. Lucky for me (really bad for my bank account) J.Crew Factory is just down the street. Lucky for you J.Crew Factory has an outlet website (you can only purchase on the weekends but can browse 24/7) with the same outlet prices. Right now they have a plethora of cute dresses that can be worn to that dreaded summer outdoor wedding or to that first summer love dinner date ;) Be sure to check their clearance section, too. Outlet prices with a clearance discount…hello, items I must buy now!

One thing to remember, summer dresses are classic pieces that can last multiple seasons. It’s super east to change up an old dress by adding a cute belt, a colorful scarf or a lightweight cardi

Happy shopping! :D

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Catching up From Life…

I strongly dislike Monday’s. Yesterday was a whirl-wind day which ended in me hardly tweeting, not blogging, not working out and getting home from work after 10PM. After only a week of working out I have come to realize I NEED to work out every day or else I feel super sluggish the next.

This past weekend I posted some pics on Twitter and Facebook hanging out at the pool and got some comments and questions on my suits and accessories so I thought I would fill ya in on the deets :)


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Fashion Friday: Swimsuit Season!

Now that I have been kicking my butt back into shape I’m kinda gettin’ excited to do some swimsuit shopping! When I went on The Bachelor my lovely friends over at Boutique To You sent me some adorable suits to wear on the show. Vitamin A Swimwear has some amazing fits that flatter all body types! As someone who has nearly a negative size bust, these tops have just enough form to give you shape without making you a walking false advertisement.

The three suits I have from them are the bandeau top, the vixen top and the string bikini top. The bottoms are cinch butt only about a quarter of the way down (that way you don’t have a line going the whole way down your butt) and definitely flatter the rear ;)

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National Epidemic: The Butt Crease

Yesterday I told y’all how I have lived off the “if you can’t tone it, tan it” mentality. And while I will never slam someone for hitting the tanning bed (I did it all through high school and now I will if I need to get a little glow before an event or if I need to get rid of a tan line that doesn’t match a dress neckline), I feel there is a definite epidemic stretching across pools and beaches everywhere and I must do my part by bringing this to the forefront of discussions. Florida girls, i’m most definitely talkin’ to you…

The butt crease. Guys, you ever see a chick in her bathing suit, start checkin’ her out, admiring her goods, only to get to her rear end and notice that under her tan, cupped booty are pale creases? Well, now you know that chick you’re oogling hits the tanning bed and apparently doesn’t know how to do it right.


                                       yup…the butt crease

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Beauty Review: Shellac Mani’s

Before going on The Bachelor I was never too concerned with my nails being painted. Pedi’s I LIVED for…but mani’s, not so much. This probably has a lot to do with the fact that I played softball all through college and destroyed my nails. Now that I am in an office tap-tapping away on a keyboard, my nail color chips within two days of applying it.

Fast forward to going on the show and painting our nails became a daily occurrence, a way to pass the endless amounts of available time. Hey, if our nails were wet that meant we couldn’t eat, our second favorite way to pass the time. Correcting a chip, color change, reapplying a top coat…no more than one day passed without me tending to my nails and now I’m hooked. Bare nails just don’t look right to me any more. Which is a problem when my favorite colors to apply are clearly noticed once they chip (OPI You Don’t Know Jacques is my fave).

A couple girlfriends of mine have tried out the Shellac mani and have fallen in love with it. Shellac is like a gel manicure in which the color is sealed onto your nail and is supposed to last two-three weeks without any chipping. The only thing you should have to worry about is new nail growth. A major positive to this over a gel mani or the new OPI Axxium mani is that Shellac doesn’t use a soak method to remove the polish. Gel mani’s or the OPI Axxium mani use a chemical soak to remove the polish which can weaken and destroy your nails.

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Fashion Friday:Dress for (Sports) Success-Diamond Edition

Last week I wrote about how to dress for success when you head out to a basketball game. I am so happy that many of you loved the tips and even thought of my post as you were getting ready to head out to a playoff game! If you follow me on twitter you saw me post a pic of a definite violator of my do’s and don’ts. It doesn’t take a genius to know this is not only a horrible choice but, ladies, please know how to dress best for your body type! 

This week I am focusing on dressing for baseball games. For me, there is no better season than baseball season. I literally countdown to spring training (and that countdown starts when the season ends) and put the most amount of effort behind dressing for these games. I think I love baseball the most because you will find the most amount of variety in attire at these games. It also helps that my team plays in a dome so games are NEVER rained out and I don’t have to worry about sweating like a pig in the sun! But when it comes time for me to go to an away game I get to tap into outfits I haven’t worn yet!

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Fashion Friday:Dress for (Sports) Success

I consider myself to be a girly girl. Mention a shopping trip, mani-pedis (with wine, please), dinner and drinks or a spa day and I’ll probably cut you off with a definite “YES!” before you can finish asking if I want to partake. But what my girly exterior hides is that I am a die-hard sports fan and am pretty athletic. As many of my guy friends put it, I’m a guys girl and can/do hang with the guys. Lucky for me, I happen to also hang with some kick ass chicks that love sports too. 


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