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Dress for Success: Summer Holidays

Memorial Day is just around the corner and I hope your weather forecast is looking brighter than mine in Florida. It should be against the laws of Mother Nature to have a stormy Memorial Day weekend…or any weekend for that matter :) 

I hope y’all have BBQs, parties and events planned to fill your weekend and if not, get some because if you obsess over fashion like I do, you love an excuse for a cute outfit!

So one of the big hurdles I face when dressing for summer holidays is the weather. Often times you have to dress for a full day of events, like a pool party or beach day that leads into a BBQ or evening get together. If you are out in the heat all day or have to incorporate a bathing suit into your wardrobe, chances are you will be sweaty or damp and will need your outfit to withstand the elements.

Here are some of my tips to keep your look flawless and perfect for that summer holiday:

1.       Pay attention to color: If only we could botox ALL our sweat glands and stay dry during the hot summer months, right?! One thing you need to pay attention to is the clothing you wear and whether or not you will be able to see sweat. Avoid shades in the middle of the color spectrum like purple, red, blue, green, etc. AND grey. It’s best to stick with your whites, brights and neutrals. Anything else won’t be forgiving when that sweat starts to bead up on your back.

2.       Fabric can save your life: Silks and silk blends are very light weight and can dry quickly which makes them perfect for summer and outdoor wear. Whether you’re sweating or just put on an outfit over a damp suit, the silk fabric will dry up in no time. While thicker fabrics may conceal sweat better, they can often lead to you sweating more, and we don’t want that.

3.       Convertible clothing: If you have a multitude of events in one day and don’t have time to run home to change in between, finding something that can work for all environments is important. Nowadays bathing suit cover-ups come in a wide variety. From an oversized sheer scarf to a lightweight dress or linen pants, anything goes! Here is a great progression of outfits for a day:

White linen pants over a bathing suit for a pool/beach party with gladiator sandals. I like the linen pants that can be rolled and buttoned mid shin so you can pull them up when in the sand


Pair a silk top with the linen pants unrolled for an afternoon BBQ with the same gladiator sandals


Change into a silk maxi dress with same gladiator sandals for an evening get together. My Gypsy 05 dress that I constantly talk about is perfect for this. The material doesn’t wrinkle so you can throw it in a bag and go. It’s also uber lightweight. Here is a different style of a Gypsy dress I like:


The best thing about all these looks is that a suit looks great under everything so no need to change or bring along a pair of underwear or a bra…which can be a little tricky trying to hide in your beach bag when friends may be digging through to find sunscreen.

4.       Heed lightweight bottoms: I already mentioned white linen pants as a great summer piece to invest in. One problem…linen is lightweight and usually see-through. A lot of our summer pieces are going to be either white or very lightweight which don’t mesh well with dark underwear. ALWAYS do a mirror check to make sure you can’t see your underwear through your clothing. And just because you can’t see through it indoors doesn’t mean you can’t see through it outdoors. My Gypsy 05 dress is green yet you can see through it because it’s lightweight. Invest in a pair of nude (not white) full bottomed and thong undies. I like the boyshort lacey bottoms from Victoria’s Secret for flowy dresses or a skirt (just in case you’re going up stairs and don’t want to show the world your Britney) and a thong for linen pants and tight dresses.  The lacie line at VS is great because it’s a flat lace so you won’t be able to see the lines through your clothing.

5.       Beware of Tan Lines: Everyone loves a great tan…everyone hates an awkward tan line. If you’re going to be outside make sure you can live with the tan line from the top and bottoms you are wearing. If you can’t, sunscreen it up! Some of my tops are one-shouldered, off the shoulder or have a funky back to them. When I wear any top that doesn’t have a normal tan line I use lots of sunscreen to make sure I’m not going to look like a weirdo the next time I put on a swimsuit.

Those are some of my key summer holiday wardrobe tips. One way to “clean up” before changing outfits is to carry face wipes or baby wipes. A quick swipe over your body can leave you feeling refreshed and more comfortable when changing into a different outfit.

Let me know in the comments section or on Twitter if you have any key summer wardrobe tips I missed! I’m always looking for ways to keep my summer look fresh and convenient!

Most of all…don’t forget the reason for this holiday. Be sure to say thank you to the men and women that fight for our country and take some time out of your day to say a prayer or thought to those who have lost their lives so we can live ours. I am proud to have a family of service members and I know the least they deserve is a thank you.

Next week I will talk my favorite beauty products for summer so be sure to come back! :)