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A wedding, white boys dancing and pickle tickling

Second episode of The Bachelorette is in the bank and I’m already addicted! Addicted to 1: the faces of over half the cast, b: Ashley’s wardrobe and 3: seeing which guy is going to do the next crazy thing (Bentley, I feel you stepping up to the plate in this category). Before I get into the episode I want to address the Bentley situation that has a lot of you up in arms.

 Again, this entire episode Bentley drops plenty of one-liners that leave us wishing he were gone last week. Keep in mind Ashley doesn’t hear any of his interviews so all she knows is Bentley is a guy that has a way with words and is making moves showing he wants to be there. I’m pretty sure many ladies out there have been attracted to a guy she shouldn’t want but has to see for herself before she realizes he’s wrong for her. Well, put Ash in that category because Bentley is working her over.

Some of you also commented on how you were shocked producers are letting him stay in the game. While I am surprised that they didn’t take the opportunity to do a hidden camera type thing with Bentley to catch him red handed and ruin his life, here are a couple of my thoughts on the producers and Bentley: 1) I’m sure Bentley didn’t come out of the pre-interviews saying he was going to screw Ashley over for screen time. They were probably just as excited shocked as us when they hit the gold mine heard his “true” thoughts. 2) As much as I would love to see Bentley hit the road because the producers decide to save Ashley, they just can’t do that. This is Ashley’s journey and it’s up to her to make the decisions. If they were to remove him from the show Ashley would want to know why, which leads to 3) Producers can’t show Ashley his one-on-one interviews. As contestants we are promised that the only people to know what goes on in those one-on-one’s are the producers conducting them and then the rest of the world once they air. If the producers showed Ashley the interviews before the show aired, the entire credibility of the show would be shot and I’m pretty sure no one would sign up for a future season or you would never get a contestant’s true feelings. 4) Have we heard any of the guys talking about sleazeball Bentley? Nope. Wanna know why? Because none of the guys know he’s being like that either. I’m tellin’ ya…the ONLY people that are in the know on his douchebaggery are producers. At the end of the day this is a tv show. We all know what we are getting into when we sign up. Bottom line, Bentley makes great tv. Until he chooses to leave, does something that gets him kicked off by Ashley or is so over the top that the producers have to let him go, he’s gonna be sticking around.

On to the episode:

Seeing the guys living in the mansion brings back so many memories! I hope they didn’t have as many issues with the trash compactor as we did! When that first date card arrives via Chris Harrison it makes everything very real…it’s the start of their journey to find love and while everything is in their hands, I know they hope the good luck Gods are on their side and hand over a one-on-one date ASAP! I got to read our first date card and still have it…maybe I’ll show it to y’all one day!

First one-on-one goes to Will and you can see the disappointment jealousy pass across some of the front-runners’ faces, ie: JP, Mickey and Ryan P. While I was never in that position, I saw Ashley S go through it after receiving the FIR so I can imagine what some guys are feeling. Often times being a front-runner means waiting a while to get a one-on-one because the bachelor or bachelorette may already know where they stand when it comes to them and need to figure out what they think of others that may be on the fence.

Some of you may have thought the date Ashley took Will on was cruel or awkward, but I thought it was hilarious and awesome to see him squirm! I think it gave Will a chance to show his sense of humor and Ash got to see how light-hearted William was. He was a great sport and by the middle of the date had won me (and many of you) over!  

The group date card comes and I.Am.So.Jealous! We were stuck in a bee-infested mansion for FOUR WEEKS before we saw an airport! Ok, saying that out loud sounds a little ridiculous…yes, I am grateful for all we got to experience and for the opportunity to even live in a mansion…but you have to understand my jealousy a liiiiiiittle bit! I hope they realize exactly how lucky they are…and based off of the promos, my jealousy is only going to sky rocket. I love that all the guys jumped in and really tried to come up with unique dances to impress Ashley. While Ash is a dancer, I know the effort they put in outweighs their skill and I’m betting the effort wasn’t lost on her…although I’m sure she chuckled under her breath as she saw a group of white boys attempt to discover rhythm for the first time.

Second one-on-one and it comes down to a coin toss to determine who goes on it! Let me tell ya, if I were put in that situation I would’ve been ticked! Yes, it’s only week one, but time alone is so valuable. Mickey opened up to Ash and I see them having a romantic connection but I don’t know if I see a big enough spark between them to lead into a full-fledged relationship. But hey, he’s hot, nice enough and seems remotely conversational so i’d probably keep him around.

Cocktail party time and the claws are already coming out! I LOVED Nick teaching Ashley a line dance. Bad move by William interrupting time between Ashley and Nick since he already has a rose. As the guys said, Will just put a HUGE target on his back. Throughout the cocktail party you hear William rubbing in the details of his date and he crosses that cocky/confident line I talked about last week. It’s crazy how quickly a guy can go from being loved to being hated! Will definitely dropped in my book and if he keeps the cockiness up, I don’t see him lasting long.

No real shockers in who went home other than who the heck is Lucas? I really hope this season we get a chance to get to know everyone before they are given the boot. After all, we won’t have 10 minutes of every episode taken up by a psychiatric evaluation like in my season, so there’s plenty of time to show them all! 

I’m slightly adjusting my front-runners: JP, Ryan P, Blake and Ben C. Ben C managed to sneak his way in and I think he may start to win Ashley over in the coming weeks! Can’t wait for next week and hopefully some nice looking pool-side shots of the guys!

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A drunk, a masked man and a douche. Must be time for The Bachelorette!

If you’re anything like me you’ve been waiting for the premiere of The Bachelorette for a while and ever since the promos started running on ABC I have become even more anxious!
I have to admit, seeing the commercials and going through the photos of the contestants brings back memories of just a short time ago when I started the same crazy journey. I have a totally different outlook watching than previous seasons. For one, I’m getting to see a friend of mine go through this journey as the bachelorette and, two, I know what these guys are going through!

First off, major props to ABC with the selection this year. There are some quality lookers (I told you not to judge based on the photos on the website! So many are FAR better looking on the show!) with amazing backgrounds and life stories. One question I have every season…where does ABC find these guys? I’m pretty sure there is some island that breeds the guys and ABC just plucks them from it each season. I couldn’t find one of these guys in real life if I made it my life goal. I think I found my new place to search for my next boyfriend…just ignore me if you see me sitting outside of Bachelor/Bachelorette casting calls, i’m on a mission! :)
On to the first episode! So much goes into the first night/first episode. For starters, you get to see introduction videos that profile select contestants. Yes, some are completely cheesy and awkward and the contestants know they are as they are shooting them! Coming from a girl who did lunges and crunches in her intro video (and i’m leaving out the even more ridiculous stuff I did that you didn’t see!), I feel for these guys! There’s only so much you can do and sometimes circumstances just don’t want to cooperate (William saw this first hand as he got a dose of Mother Nature toying with him and his umbrella! How cute was he!).

The most nerve-wracking part of night one has to be planning the exit out of the limo. These guys should be grateful that they don’t have to weather the wet driveway in heels and a long dress! I was so focused on not tripping and slipping I almost forgot what I was going to say when I met Brad! From the second you accept the opportunity to be on the show standing out of the crowd may be what contestants think about the most. The best thing you can do is pick something about yourself that is unique and showcase it. I think this season you saw some guys teetering on the line that borders cocky and confident, ie: Anthony. If you choose to go on this show, the one thing you can’t be is cocky. You’re starting a journey with 24 other extremely attractive and quality bachelors and will be handed a reality check pretty quickly if you have a big ego. One little rose can knock you off your high horse with a force you’ve never felt before. 

Some of you asked me on Twitter how long the night is and what we do to pass the time. Well, let’s just say as filming wraps we have heard roosters crow a time or two! It’s a very long night, especially in heels! I’m interested to know what the guys do to pass the time, because there sure is a lot of it! Other than chatting with the contestants about the bachelor/bachelorette, getting to know each other rand doing some interviews there is a lot of sitting around. Sarah P and I decided we would spice up the night by lurking around and taking a tally of how many fake ta-ta’s were in the house (I think we got to a total of 7!). Don’t think the guys could do that so if anyone can shed some light as to what the guys do, i’d love to hear!

Now onto who everyone will be talking about…the Mask (Jeff), Tim and Bentley. First, the Mask. While I appreciate Jeff wanting Ashley to get to know what’s inside and not be concerned with his outward appearance, I think the mask shtick was a little over the top. Had he taken the mask off partway through their one-on-one I would’ve been all for the get-up as a way to stand out. Leaving it on all night (and what looks like for a good length of time judging by the promos) came off as trying too hard and maybe a little creepy. I know there is a lot of pressure to stick out but where was his friend/family member to tell him this was a horrible idea?! On to Tim or, as most will be referring to him, the drunk guy. I find it very interesting that the guy who is a liquor distributor can’t hold his liquor! Now I’m not judging him too harshly…i’ve been in his shoes, i’ve been a little tipsy at a cocktail ceremony and on a group date, but he took it to another level! Is the cocktail party long, yes. Is there very little to do while you wait to talk to Ashley, def. Is it easy to lose track of your drinks, absolutely. Needless to say, you didn’t see anyone else slurring through a conversation and passing out. Each guy there is a grown adult capable of monitoring their drinks. Let’s hope he learned a valuable lesson and that every guy there saw what not to do while around Ashley! Finally, the guy that looks to be this season’s villain, Bentley. From the moment I saw Bentley he rubbed me the wrong way. He’s one of the guys that I think tiptoes on the cocky/confident line. Not only does he come off cocky but he also seems to be very dry and cold when he talks with Ashley. Ashley is a very bubbly person who is passionate about everything she does. I don’t see Bentley fitting with her on that level and if the previews of him saying he doesn’t care about Ashley are any indication of the path he takes, I really hope she can see through him and send him home before she starts to develop feelings for him. Some of you may say that editing may be making him look worse than he is. Hate to break it to you, but editing or a producer doesn’t make you say certain things. When you see him look straight into the camera and say things could be different if it was Emily and that he couldn’t care less about Ashley…that’s alllllll Bentley. I know producers can’t step in and alter the path for Ashley, but I would be mad if I was her, saw these comments and knew he stayed around and no one stepped in to protect me. Come up with some clever way for me to catch him red handed so I can be aware of his lack of intentions. It’s her future and happiness that’s at stake. While I know they are making a tv show and need the drama, I feel like there is a line and with Bentley being so blatant about his intentions, he crossed it.  I hope he gets the boot soon…guy is grade A douche.
The guys that stand out from the first episode are William, Ryan P, Blake and JP. All are very attractive and seem genuine, outgoing and excited to get to know Ashley. We didn’t really see a lot of the other guys but over the next couple episodes I hope some rise to the top and show their fun personalities like we saw during the credits!
As always, ABC leaves us with one heck of a teaser for the season. Incredible dates, gorgeous locations with plenty of drama and emotion are all promised as Ashley searches for love. I know I will be tuning in to follow along and watch her (hopefully) find what she’s searching for!

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Ashley’s Leftovers Comin’ Up Hot!

Excuse me while I mop up the drool and pick my jaw up off the floor.

Holy cow…Ashley hit the jackpot. Major props to the editors for compiling one of the most enticing promos I have ever seen. No props to you for editing me out of last season ;). Hey, do you think this season’s “Diaries of the Departed” can be montages of each guy topless? I really have no desire to hear about how they are upset to go home. No talking, more looking :)

To say these guys are easy on the eyes is the understatement of the year. I don’t know how she managed to keep her cool. Me on the other hand? I would’ve been the giddiest little girl ever…kid in a candy store….cheesy grin from ear to ear…and probably would’ve concocted some excuse to have a kissing contest with the winner getting my first impression rose. I’d at least want to snack on the buffet before I chose my main course!

In all seriousness, judging by looks Ash has a great group of guys to pick from. Please note…when I say judging by looks I mean judging by the video above and NOT from the promo shots ABC has posted. I can guarantee you there is about a .05% of Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants that like their promo shot. Everyone else has the same reaction…’it’s ok, but I KNOW I took a better one that they could’ve used’. Case in point…my promo shot was meh, okay. But take a look at my photo used for the alum contact page. A thousand times better if you ask me. They totally had a better option to shoot out to millions of people. I’m not sayin’, but I’m just sayin’ :) Another thing, as you’re scoping out Ashley’s guys don’t be harsh and judge them based on their Q&As. 1: these are answered without us knowing that they are being used for our online profile. I assumed it was just another one of the billion questionnaires they wanted me to fill out. I was short, bland and didn’t put much thought into it because I had answered these questions a billion times. 2: I mean really…most embarrassing moment? Craziest thing you’ve ever done? I have zero answers that would be even remotely entertaining…forgive me if my life isn’t a soap opera. Ask me these questions AFTER the show and I’ll have some juice for ya.

 I am super excited for Ash and to watch her journey. I know she is someone with one of the BIGGEST hearts. I was lucky enough to meet Ash the second we were allowed to see other contestants. She was in my limo and when I walked up to the group she was as bubbly as ever. After that first night when we moved into the mansion Ash and I were roomies and she was in the bunk on top of mine. We spent many nights sitting on our balcony drinking wine, sneaking off to have heart-to-hearts away from the cameras and chatting about life. I really hope this experience was great for her and that she is at the exact point that she wants.

That being said, instead of going through the guys and listing who I think Ash should pick…I’m gonna be selfish. Here are my top 5 guys I hope she DOESN’T pick…because let’s face it…only one person gets picked and it’s open season on the rest!

In no particular order (and with a large dose of humor):

- Blake. Hey there, cutie ;) Kinda reminds me a little bit of Kirk. His hometown is in CO…I have fam in CO…wanna cuddle next to a fire? Wait a sec, he’s a dentist…which would make him a fab fit for Ashley…dang it!

- Michael. Scruff, dark hair, light eyes…mmmmmm! He likes clubs and sports bars (well balanced)…just like ME. His best trip – Hawaii…my best trip- Hawaii. Coincidence, I think not (just go with it). But he’s from RI…which would make things SUPER easy for him and Ashley since she’s from Maine. GAH, another good pick for her!

- Mickey. Again, dark hair, light eyes combo gets me EVERY time. He would love to go to the Grand Canyon…ding ding ding I’m FROM Arizona! I work for Disney, Mickey Mouse is my boss. Perfect match.

- Ryan P. From Fresno,Cali…I’m a west coast chick and have family that lives in Fresno,too! (Note to self: ask cousin if he knows Ryan P.) He and his family travel to Mazatlan…I speak Spanglish and love Mexican food! Let’s go make salsa together <wink wink>

- William. He sells phones which means I could probably get a sweet hook up every time a new iPhone comes out. He’s got a tat…sexy…and no pets…me and my pup (and my iPhone) would fit seamlessly into his life.

- Honorable Mention: Nick. I mean, did you really think Marissa, the sports chick who described her perfect date as starting off at a baseball game, wouldn’t pick the guy who played baseball?! Not to mention he lives in Tampa…um, that’s only like an hour from me. And he’s a personal trainer…that equals a great bod and he could probably get me to stick to working out more than twice every other week. AND he likes to line dance…I mean c’mon! AND he’s driven 6 hours for a date?! Talk about commitment. Maybe this guy should be getting more than an honorable mention?

That’s my lineup and I’m stickin’ to it. If anyone knows one of these guys feel free to send ‘em my way. I would be happy to console them if Ashley gave them the boot. Of course, I reserve every right to alter this list if they turn out to have the personality of a rock, are a complete d-bag or hurt my Ashley.

And here is a word of advice to any of the guys on Ash’s season: don’t read the blogs/articles/etc. and if you do, don’t take it seriously. Everyone loves to be a critic. The same people that are bashing you online can’t wait to tune in and watching you every Monday. You are part of a crazy family now and have memories and an experience that no one can take away from you and not many people can say they were a part of. Live it up, enjoy everything that comes with the territory and most of all, if you’re single, call me ;)